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<span>About</span> Lebanese Parkour Academy

About Lebanese Parkour Academy

When we were kids, we used to view the world as an extension to our playground. Everything was an object to overcome: Trees were things to climb on; Walls were things to jump off; Fences were things to jump over…

While growing up, many have lost this childhood innocent curiosity, but we haven’t!

At LPK Academy, our vision is simple and it consists of re-establishing the sense of belonging to our environment by teaching proper Parkour and Free Running techniques which are customized to fit each participant’s needs and goals.

  • You will be trained by professionals
  • You will be able to bring your mind and body into alignment with your soul
  • You will create harmony in your life

By now, you’re probably wondering: can I practice such sport? YES! You can! All you need is: effort and dedication.

Parkour is a lifestyle and once you adapt to it you will be sharing LPK’s philosophy!

We are passionate about what we do and that’s our secret.

LPK - Take That Jump.